Our Goals

To create smart cities that are sustainable, efficient and comfortable:

Orión Smart City focuses on designing, developing and promoting smart cities, so called for their level of environmental sustainability, for the efficient management of their resources and for the comfort and quality of life of the citizens who live in them. The cluster considers a city to be any urban area, regardless of its size.  

To create jobs and wealth in the urban corporate fabric:

Orión Smart City makes it easier to create jobs and wealth by providing access to specific sources of public financing, improving the competitiveness of the business sector, promoting business opportunities among companies and creating new markets, products and services with the capacity to take developments and applied solutions to any city in the world, broadening markets and expansion possibilities abroad.  

To collaborate and cooperate across sectors:

The cluster groups entities in multiple sectors like energy, the environment, infrastructure, information and communication technologies and urban mobility, the goal being to incorporate companies and entities that bring value to the smart cities project in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.   

To base action on R&D&I:

The cluster upholds its goal of making better cities (smart cities) through research, development and innovation, as areas of knowledge and know-how to share across disciplines. 

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